Red light therapy for improved skin health

Red light therapy for improved skin health

People worldwide look for new and innovative ways to care for their well-being. And the subject of skincare has always been a hot topic. Technology is constantly advancing, which results in discovery of many new ways to promote glowy, healthy skin. Looking into one of the tools that are becoming increasingly popular every day, we would like to turn your attention to how red light therapy can improve your skin's overall health and appearance. Why? Because it does wonders for the skin!

That being said, let us take you on an educational journey and provide you with an option to try something new that you can benefit from.

If you don’t know what the notion of red light treatment means, here is a short explanation

RL is an innovative form of therapy that promotes skin health. Low-wavelength red light promotes significant biological changes in appearance, such as wrinkle and scar reduction and redness and acne treatment. After continuous use, you will be able to notice how RL therapy benefits are doing wonders for your face.

If you want to know how it works 

Red light treatment has a unique way of functioning by stimulating the mitochondria in your cells. These are some of the smallest organisms in your body, also known as power cells, which are responsible for generating the energy your body’s cells need to perform all biochemical reactions.

Other than that, RL therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, as it keeps the cell healthy and regulated and helps them live longer.

This treatment consists of two aspects – visible and invisible light. The visible light, i.e. the light you can visually perceive, is the red low-wavelength light we mentioned above. The invisible one consists of infrared rays that the naked eye cannot see. Your body needs to absorb both of these specific wavelengths in order to feel the boost. By stimulating the cells with the help of red light therapy, you can enjoy all the skin-improving benefits that come from it.

What can it do for your skin?

Many people turn to RLT to promote skin health. Some of the reasons for using it is because this form of therapy can help with:

·         Reducing signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles

·         Reducing the age spots that are visible on the skin

·         Improving your overall skin condition and reducing acne

·         Assisting with any type of wound healing

·         Reducing the visibility of scarring and stretch marks

·         Reducing any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

·         treating melasma (a skin condition characterised by grey or brownish patches or freckle-like spots)

·         Promoting skin health and elasticity

On another note, even though it is not related to the subject of skincare, red light treatment can even help stimulate hair growth and is often used as an effective tool for treating hair loss. 

Benefits of red light treatment

To be able to grasp information about the benefits that come with red light therapy, one has to go into detail. Since we want to make this easier for you, we’ve created a list of some of the best red light therapy benefits!

  1. Increased collagen production

The level of collagen production plays a very important role in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and complexion. If you aren’t familiar with the term collagen, it is a molecule that connects the tissues under the skin's surface to other tissues, usually fatty cells. This process has proven to be important for the skin's elasticity, making it appear more youthful and healthy and preventing any type of damage.

Collagen is a type of protein that is naturally produced in the body, and it can be found in some of the foods that you consume, such as fish, meat, eggs and bone broth. As people get older, the level of collagen production in the body decreases. This results in saggy skin that starts to lose its elasticity and radiance.

Thankfully, red light therapy helps stimulate the cells right under the skin’s surface and encourages increased collagen production! In other words, RLT is especially beneficial for all those who want to reduce the signs of ageing.

2. Boosts circulation

One of the biggest red light therapy benefits is the promotion of circulation in the body. Good blood flow is important for bringing the required level of oxygen to the cells, as well as all the essential nutrients needed for forming new tissues.

In terms of the skin, having good circulation would mean that your skin will be at lesser risk of suffering from discolouration, it maintains the protective barrier and fights skin infections. Overall, the benefits of having good blood flow will help you have the healthy, radiant-looking skin you’ve always wanted. 

3. Proliferation of cells

Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of this therapy is improved cell proliferation. Cell proliferation refers to the reproduction of cells – a process important for maintaining the youth and health of the body and skin. During this process of cell multiplication and repair, new connective tissues are created, and the damaged ones are repaired. Red light treatment can help wounds heal faster, can promote a faster production of new cells, and result in a higher rate of tissue healing. 

Promoting skin health is one of the most important aspects of maintaining wellness. This is why RL therapy is considered one of the best tools that safely and naturally improve the appearance and health of your skin! Once you start using RLT, you will soon be able to enjoy all of the benefits. 

We hope that we have provided you with valuable insight on the subject and that you will find it helpful! If you enjoyed reading about it and want to learn more about red light therapy and its benefits, then check out the rest of our blogs.

If you feel this might be the right therapy for you, we invite you to discover our high-quality red light therapy panels that come in four sizes. We bet that they will become an irreplaceable tool for improving your skin’s performance!

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